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EAP Frontline Employee – August Newsletter

Featured in this month’s edition: Work Addiction Scale – “Workaholism is not an officially recognized disease process, but those who work too much are more prone to depression and anxiety disorders, and these ARE real treatable illnesses…” What Willingness to Learn Says About You – “You may have hard-fought education and training, but if you […]

EAP Frontline Employee – July Newsletter

Featured in this month’s edition: Bullying In the Workplace – “Sometimes bullying can be easily missed by observers, but it’s no less painful when the aggression is recognized only by the targeted victim…” Fight Procrastination Better – “Everyone procrastinates at times, but if another nail-biter of a deadline looms, and you swore never again, here […]

EAP Frontline Employee – June Newsletter

Featured in this month’s edition: Verbal Abuse That’s Hard to Put Words To – “Name-calling and being shouted at for a simple request are examples of verbal abuse. However, not all verbal abuse is easy to spot, despite its damaging impact…” Don’t Let Worry Wear You Out – “Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles, it […]

Summer Safe Zone Training for Your Office

Would you like your staff/office/department to be Husky Ally Safe Zone trained by the Rainbow Center? This 2.5 hour training is informed by the nationally-recognized Safe Zone Project, and it includes resources and information unique to UConn’s campus. Presenters are willing and able to answer questions related to specific scenarios and issues your office might […]

Hatha Yoga for Stress Reduction – Free

Please join us for our FREE summer yoga classes! Hatha yoga classes emphasize mindful awareness and self-compassion. Each class includes a brief overview of yogic philosophy/techniques, a centering and/or body scan, yogic breathing, postures, and final relaxation.  All skill levels welcome, no prior yoga experience is needed.  Equipment is provided, just come dressed comfortably! Classes […]

5/9 North Eagleville Road Closure

In order to maintain University operations, and support future growth of the Storrs campus in line with the University Master Plan, it is necessary to repair and upgrade the numerous utilities that are located underneath and adjacent to North Eagleville Road, and improve the overall safety and appearance of the corridor. Please note that North […]

Policy Statement: People with Disabilities

The University of Connecticut is committed to achieving equal educational and employment opportunity and full participation for persons with disabilities. The Policy Statement: People with Disabilities describes the University’s commitment to nondiscrimination for all persons in employment, academic programs, and access to facilities, programs, activities, and services. It is the University’s policy that no qualified person be […]

Mom Time: Weekly Support Meetings for Moms

If you are a mom, come join us for a weekly support meeting. Come together with other moms & Humphrey Clinic counselors to relax, receive support, share information and participate in creative activities (no artistic talent required). Join us Thursdays March 16th to April 13th When: 5:30PM-7:00PM How much: $10 Where: The Humphrey Clinic, 843 Bolton Road, U-117, Storrs, CT, […]