Fall 2017 Office of the Bursar Important Reminders

  1. Fee bill deadline: Undergraduate student fee bills are due August 1, 2017. Graduate student fee bills are due August 25, 2017. The Fall 2017 payment plan is still available. Please visit our website for all payment options.

    2. Enroll in direct deposit: As of July 1, 2017, the Student Disbursement’s Office only processes paper refunds on Wednesdays. The office will process direct deposit refunds Monday through Friday. We strongly encourage students to enroll in direct deposit online through the Student Administration System to avoid any delays. If students enroll in direct deposit before August 18th they will automatically be entered in a weekly raffle to win a $25 gift card!

    3. Complete waivers for optional fees: The deadline to waive the University Health Insurance and the Pirg Fee is September 15, 2017. After this date both charges will remain on the fee bill. Students can follow these steps to complete the Health Insurance waiver, and these steps to complete the PIRG waiver.

    4. Sign up to receive your 1098-T electronically: Students can eliminate the mailing wait and receive their 1098-T electronically when it is made available by following these steps.

For more information, contact: Office of the Bursar at bursar@uconn.edu


UConn Football Team Spirit Pins

The University of Connecticut Football Team will host seven home games during the 2017 season. The Spirit, Pride, and Traditions Program in the Department of Student Activities will be producing a limited edition spirit pin for each of our home games that will contain a slogan, cheer, or chant customized for that game’s opponent.

You are invited to submit suggestions for pin slogans. One slogan will be selected to appear on the pin produced for each game and will be worn by Husky fans throughout the stadium. Slogans should be short (approx. 25 characters total), witty, creative, and prideful. Enter as many times as you like for any (or all) of the games!

If one of your slogans is selected to appear on a pin you will receive a Husky Spirit Pack.

You can enter your submissions here.  Submissions should be received by Friday, July 14th.

Go Huskies!

For more information, contact: Spirit, Pride, Tradition Programs at spirit@uconn.edu

EAP Frontline Employee – July Newsletter

Featured in this month’s edition:

Bullying In the Workplace – “Sometimes bullying can be easily missed by observers, but it’s no less painful when the aggression is recognized only by the targeted victim…”

Fight Procrastination Better – “Everyone procrastinates at times, but if another nail-biter of a deadline looms, and you swore never again, here are a few intervention ideas…”

Oops! When You Make a Big Mistake at Work – “Everyone makes mistakes at work, but do you know how to manage these mini crises when they occur…?”

Other topics in this edition:

  • Overcoming Loneliness
  • Reduce Risk of Burglary While on Vacation
  • Soft Skills to Know: Employee Flexibility
  • Enhancing Co-worker Relationships: Emotional Intelligence
  • Olive Oil Research Continues

For the full July 2017 edition of “Frontline Employee”, or to learn more about UConn EAP visit our webpage: http://hr.uconn.edu/employee-assistance-program/

Your EAP provides professional, brief counseling – on campus, plus 27 locations statewide – to help identify and resolve personal, family or work related concerns. Employee Assistance is:

  • Confidential!
  • Free!
  • Household Members too!


  • The UConn EAP webpage now includes a full section of brief information videos to assist you in helping your valuable people to succeed in the midst of the human factor at work.
  • EAP is also available by invitation to meet with departments, programs or other groups to discuss and process challenges, critical incidents or other areas of common concern.

To schedule a private appointment, call:

(860) 486-1307 Storrs

(800) 852-4392 Statewide – 24 hours (Toll-free in CT)

For more information, contact: Gary Alger at gary.alger@uconn.edu

New Director of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Congratulations to our new Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life:  Jamel Catoe.    As you know, Jamel served as the UConn Assistant Director of OFSL for the past six years, and recently served as the Interim Director.

Many of you participated in interviews.  Your time and insights are appreciated.  A big thank you to the search committee, the members of which did a great job screening and interviewing candidates from around the country:  Alessia Satterfield, Monique Golden, Joe Briody,  Fany Hannon, and Chair John Armstrong.    Thanks also to the search support person, Mary Shaw.

Please convey your good wishes to Jamel when you see him around campus.

No Actions Needed for Petya Ransomware Threat

UITS recently posted information regarding the “Petya Ransomware Threat.” SAIT has implemented the necessary system updates to protect Student Affairs workstations against this threat. Student Affairs computer users do not need to take any individual action on their work machines. To learn more about this ransomware threat, UITS has posted some information on the Information Security website.