Internet Explorer Homepage Change

During the week of August 10-14, SAIT will be changing the Internet Explorer default homepage for Division of Student Affairs computer users. Currently, the default homepage is the Division of Student Affairs Intranet homepage at This week it will change to the Division of Student Affairs public website at

This change reflects the need to retire the SharePoint intranet system as well as concentrate communications efforts toward our public website. Employees will find two sections of the public website especially useful – the “News” section (updated bi-weekly) and the “Employee Corner” section which contains useful links and information for Division employees.

Departments that have their own SharePoint intranet sites will not be affected by this change. The second tab in Internet Explorer that opens to department intranets will remain unchanged at this time (this is specific to Dining, SAIT and SHS). The aforementioned departments will see a change to their intranet tab once they have completed the migration from the current SharePoint system to Office 365.

The Division SharePoint Intranet will remain live for the time being. It can still be accessed at its web address, however it will not appear as the default homepage when Internet Explorer is launched.


If you have any questions or concerns about the ability to access content or links on the SharePoint Intranet please contact SAIT.

SAIT Support