Visit the Senior Square!

It is often said – good things come to those who wait. That certainly rings true for Senior Square, the renovated space at the historic Hillside Road entrance to the Student Union. In the fall of 2007, the Senior Class of 2008 selected a park-like structure as their senior class gift. Monica Rudzik contacted the department of Landscape Architecture to see if the design could be truly a senior class initiative. Faculty members Kristin Schwab and Mark Westa incorporated the project into an assignment for a group of senior students in their class.

With the assistance of the UConn Foundation, a fundraising campaign began. Unfortunately, the class designs far exceeded the money raised so it took quite some time to re-design the project to fit the budget. The Student Union decided to set aside additional funds in 2009 to encourage the completion of Senior Square.

Staff changes in PAES, budget concerns, and normal delays slowed progress and finally things came to a grinding halt. But in the spring of 2014, Ian Dann and Sean Vassington brought Senior Square back to life and it found its way on the list of projects to be completed in 2015. Rachel Marshall from the UConn Foundation joined the planning group. This past winter, The Butler Company of Windsor, CT, was selected to implement the project. Todd Richard served as the Project Manager for Butler in partnership with Ian Dann and the Student Union staff.

Senior Square includes new benches, specialty paver stones, ornamental trees, grasses, ground cover and seasonal annuals. We hope that this addition will make the Student Union more welcoming and encourage the community to relax and enjoy our beautiful campus. Thank you to the Class of 2008 and everyone that played a role in the creation of Senior Square.