Voicemail Transition Reminder

Last month, UITS transitioned the Storrs campus to a new voicemail system.  This is a reminder that the old voicemail system will be decommissioned on May 31, 2016. Any remaining messages on that system will be permanently deleted.

If you want to retain any of these old messages, we recommend that you record them on another device.  The best method to do this is:

  1. Call into the old voicemail system, 7-0111
  2. Put in the password you were using on the old system.
  3. Play the message while holding a recording device up to your telephone handset or speakerphone.

Some suggestions for recording devices include:

  • Apple iPhone/iPad – Look for the Voice Memos app
  • Android phones – Look for the Voice Recorder app
  • PC with microphone – Use the Sound Recorder application
  • Mac with microphone – Use the Quicktime application

To access our new voicemail system, continue to dial the standard voicemail access number, 6-5555.

For more detailed information and instructions, visit http://phone.uconn.edu/unity_vm/.

For more information, contact: UITS Voice Services at 860-486-4357, option 3 or email: telecom@uconn.edu

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