Assisted Technology – CSD

Following a successful pilot during the Spring 2016 semester, CSD has purchased a site-license of Read & Write software, making it available to all students at UConn! Read & Write is a customizable toolbar that integrates reading, writing, studying, and research support tools with common applications. Some features include Text-to-Speech with Dual Synchronized Highlighting, Highlighting, Dictionary, Vocabulary Tool, and Study Skills tools to capture highlights. During the pilot, many students found the text-to-speech feature of this program especially helpful to support an enhanced focus on and comprehension of course material. Read & Write has a myriad of tools to support students in building independent learning skills to enhance overall success in college. If you are interested in learning more about this software, please contact the CSDTech Team at or 860-486-2020. To learn more about the features within Read & Write, visit: