New Student Orientation

Orientation for incoming students is in full swing.

This is the first year that Orientation is mandatory, so all incoming students will be attending UConn’s Protect Our Pack presentations.

Facilitated by Dean of Students office, Protect Our Pack 1 combines the Title IX information with our bystander initiative “Protect Our Pack” wherein students will learn, practice and discuss ways to intervene in problem situations and thereby help each other and “protect our pack”. Departments assisting with the facilitation of Protect Our Pack 1 include staff from DOS, WPS, OFSL and ODE.

Protect Our Pack 2 delivered by staff from WPS provides incoming students with information and resources to support healthy decisions and behaviors around alcohol and other drugs while at UConn, and outlines the university’s expectations for their behavior as UConn students.

Transfer and Campus Change students receive a combined 1-hour Protect Our Pack program

Based on Orientation Services estimates, 4821 students will have received the Protect Our Pack presentation on the Storrs campus. The feedback we have received from the Orientation Leaders and the Orientation Office has been quite positive and included quotes from students that they enjoy the presentations and find the sessions very helpful.