Lower Prices at Central Stores

Great news for Central Stores customers! Beginning July 1, say “goodbye” to markup and “hello” to lower prices! The 12% mark-up on in-stock items and the 6% mark-up on special orders items will be eliminated as we begin the new fiscal year.  All Central Stores stock and special order products will be available to you at cost.

Historically, the mark-up has funded Central Stores operations which will now be covered by Central resources so that departments will only pay the direct cost of goods.   All of those savings, approximately $400,000 per year, will be passed on to the departments purchasing items from Central Stores.  As always, fast, convenient delivery continues to be included in the cost.

Central Stores offers a wide variety of items that are purchased at the lowest prices available.  Frequently ordered products include office supplies, laboratory items, maintenance materials, and safety goods. Check out our online catalogue at http://watto.grove.ad.uconn.edu/eRPortal/WIItemsearch.asp?m=II.

If you can’t find what you need, need to sign-up for online ordering, or have questions, please contact us at 860-486-3626.

Ring in fiscal year 2017 with Central Stores! Keep more money in your department’s budgets and obtain cost savings for your programs!

For more information, contact: Central Stores at 860-486-3626.

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