Employee Parking Information for 2017-2018

The following matters might affect your on-campus 2017-2018 parking experiences and potentially your parking permit selections.

Construction of the Fine Arts Production Facility is scheduled to begin in July 2017. A construction zone needed to complete that project be established.  As a result, the parking capacity of the Fine Arts Lot (Lot 1) will be reduced by approximately 100 spaces.  Parking on Coventry Road, which runs between the Fine Arts (Lot 1) and S-Lot, will also be eliminated.   North and South Garage parking permits will not be valid on these lots during the 2017/18 permit year.  These conditions will continue throughout the construction period.

Additional Area 2 permit parking capacity will be established on the Nathan Hale lot.

The Thomas J. Dodd Research Center Lot is scheduled to close in May 2017.  That lot is expected to remain closed until the Student Recreation Center opens.

The Whitney Road Extension is scheduled to close in May 2017 remain closed until the Recreation Center opens.

The western end of Whitney Road will be redesigned to accommodate service deliveries and parking for those with mobility limitations.

The 6 Gilbert Road lot will be converted from Area 2 to Area 1 permit parking, which is a change that partially mitigates this year’s loss in Area 1 capacity along Oak Lane.

We appreciate your cooperation during this time of rapid change.

For more information, contact: Parking Services at 860-486-4930

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