Support for Students – Florida Shooting

As the news outlets continue to provide updates about the recent mass shooting in Florida and its impact on the world, please remember that the University community cares and has resources to offer support. We recognize that students may be worried about family and friends who live in or were visiting Florida at the time of this tragic incident. The offices listed below are available to offer support and guidance during this difficult time.

Below you will find contact information about offices that may provide support.


Office Location Contact
Dean of Students Office Wilbur Cross room 203 860-486-3426
Off Campus Student Services Student Union room 315 860-486-8006
Residence Education Whitney Hall, Garden Level 860-486-2926
Counseling & Mental Health Services  Arjona 4th floor 860-486-4705


Reach out to the staff in these offices office if you are in need to support or are unsure of where to turn for additional information.

Please know that CMHS is available to offer support to any student impacted by this tragedy. The impact of this loss may be felt in your classroom environment. The CMHS website has additional information about dealing with grief which may help you guide conversations in your individual class

Finally, in addition to the sadness of this immediate incident, we are aware that tragedy may trigger our own personal histories of loss and grief. Staff and faculty in need of support for themselves are encouraged to support one another. In addition UConn’s Employee Assistance Program is available:



Maureen Armstrong

Associate Dean of Students

233 Glenbrook Road, Unit-4062

Storrs, Connecticut 06269-4062

Office (860)486-3426

Fax     (860)486-1972