Another Winning Team on Campus: SHS Beats the Flu

The 2017-2018 influenza season has kept UConn Student Health Services (SHS) very busy. With 4,540 doses of influenza vaccine ordered, over 4,000 flu shots have been administered on campus alone. SHS held six off-site flu vaccination clinics and students were also encouraged to walk in to SHS for their free flu shot. Student Health Services also partnered with the Eastern Highlands Health District (EHHD) to support the January 27th statewide initiative to provide free influenza vaccinations to UConn Storrs’ students.  The influenza virus still hit the UConn campus hard with over 252 students diagnosed with the influenza virus and more than 242 courses of Tamiflu dispensed at the SHS pharmacy.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), influenza activity remains high and widespread in Connecticut but is on the decline.

“It appears that we are on the definitive down side of influenza cases. We are returning to normal operations. Clinic coverage will be back to its regular schedule and we will start offering routine annual physicals again. A huge thank you to everyone for their extra efforts on behalf of our students and each other. As much as having widespread flu on campus is no fun, it was inspiring to see how well everyone worked together to meet the needs of our students. Great job!” said Interim Medical Director, Ellyssa Eror, M.D. in a message to the SHS healthcare team.

Even though the number of people impacted by influenza peaked in February, the flu season is not yet finished. People should continue to follow general precautions to help prevent illness.

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