Let’s Create a More Inclusive UConn – Join RISE

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), in partnership with the Division of Student Affairs, will be introducing RISE (Reaching Inclusive Excellence), a diversity education program, to all first year students this August 2018.

The program will be a 1.5 hour interactive workshop led by a co-facilitator team (Faculty/Staff/Graduate Student and Undergraduate Student). The facilitator teams will participate in a Train the Trainer session to be led by CreativiTEAM, Inc. You can learn more about CreativiTEAM, INC here: http://creativiteam.com/

The two-day Train the Trainer sessions will be held from 9 am-4 pm on:

  1. May 7 and 8
  2. May 9 and 10
  3. August 20 and 21
  4. August 22 and 23

Facilitators need to commit to attending ONE of the above two-day Train the Trainer sessions and be available during the RISE (Reaching Inclusive Excellence), a diversity education program time, on Saturday, August 25 from 6:30 pm-8 pm. Facilitators who are current residential students will be allowed to extend their housing in May or arrive early in August in order to attend the training sessions.

You can sign up here: RISE- A Diversity Education Program Application

Visit our FAQs here: https://diversity.uconn.edu/rise/