2018 Homecoming Judges Needed

Dear Student Affairs Staff,

The Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG) asks for your assistance in judging the 2018 Homecoming events during the weeks leading up to, and the week of Homecoming (October 21st to October 27th).  We would greatly appreciate your consideration in volunteering as a judge to help uphold these long-standing UConn traditions with SUBOG.

There are numerous events that our students participate in during Homecoming.  Many of these events are competitive and require judges.  Therefore, assistance from within the community is very important to the success of these events.

UConn’s Homecoming gives student organizations an opportunity to build spirit, work as a team and show their pride for their organization. They all come in with such high levels of enthusiasm, creativity and talent! Below are brief descriptions of the events that SUBOG is asking for your assistance with:

The Royal Tea occurs after the students have initially voted for candidates who they think have the potential to serve as the Homecoming King or Queen.  At this event, each judge will host a round table interview with the Royalty Candidates, judging them on their responses to questions that you ask pertaining to their involvement (resumes will be sent to you), pertinent issues on campus, or anything that you feel is appropriate (preferably UConn related). From here, the top 5 ranked Homecoming Kings and Homecoming Queens will be invited to participate in the Homecoming Pageant.

The Parade is the kickoff event to UConn’s Homecoming Week on the Sunday, October 21st. Student organizations parade around campus displaying their unique and artistic floats or marching unit. We encourage everyone in the community to attend, as it is a great family event. This event is followed up by SUBOG’s traditional Homecoming Carnival.

Artistic Homecoming Banners are hung in the Student Union Lobby throughout the week of homecoming to show school spirit.  The judging of the banner can be done at a time that is convenient for you between October 16th-October 23rd.

At the Royal Pageant, 5 queen contestants and 5 king contestants are competing in various pageant segments to win the Homecoming Crown.  These 10 candidates have been voted on by their peers and then interviewed by our faculty and staff.  This event is held in conjunction with the Alma Mater Sing where after an elimination round the top 6 student groups are competing to win the honor of singing UConn’s Alma Mater at the Homecoming Football game pre show.

Lip Sync is one of the largest events of the year!  Over 4,000 people, whether they are students, faculty, staff or the general public, come to watch student organizations lip sync and dance their way to victory in Gampel Pavilion.  For many organizations winning the Lip Sync is the top prize!

SUBOG asks that you please consider participating in Homecoming 2018 by helping to judge one event.  We are very conscience of not having judges that are closely linked or associated with advising or overseeing the organizations that participate in Homecoming. If you have that type of connection, we ask that you do not volunteer but please, please come and show your support to students during ANY of these events!!

The theme of Homecoming 2018 is “Big City Storrs” With an emphasis on the excitement of cities from around the globe!  We anticipate that this will be a week of fun and entertainment for our students, faculty, alumni, and the surrounding community.  We hope you will be able to join us in making these traditions memorable.  For a complete schedule please check out homecoming.uconn.edu

We ask you to please list in numerical order of preference for three events you would be interested in judging. Please respond to Jessica.Gerum@uconn.edu, no later than Monday, September 24th (the sooner the better) and an email will follow up to confirm your participation in one of your choices should there be availability at the time you respond.  Thank you for volunteering!

____ Banners

____ Royal Tea

____ Parade

____ Royalty Pageant

____ Lip Sync

Thank you for your consideration!


SUBOG Homecoming Committee