Travel and Entertainment Policy

With the start of the semester we are asking all employees who travel, book and/or approve travel, and those who approve reimbursements to familiarize themselves with the Travel and Entertainment Policy located at:

Last revised in December 2017, it is essential for faculty and staff to comply with the policy, respecting and safeguarding our travel privileges and funds, while practicing fiscal, ethical, and public responsibility.  The policy sets forth rules and procedures that balance the University’s legitimate travel and entertainment needs with sound stewardship of public resources.

The University reimburses travel and entertainment expenses pursuant to the rules of the Treasury Regulations and Internal Revenue Code.  Accordingly, all reimbursable expenditures must have a business purpose and must be supported by documentation.

The travel and entertainment policy addresses the most common aspects of University business travel and entertainment. It cannot contemplate every situation that might arise, however. Travelers and administrators with questions should contact the Office of Travel Services at 860-486-4137, option 2 for guidance before arranging their travel.

For more information, contact: Office of Travel Services at 860-486-4137, option 2.


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