Applicant Compensation History

Dear Colleagues,

As of January 1, 2019, state statute prohibits employers from inquiring into job applicants’ wage and salary history and the value of previous compensation structures. This is an effort by the legislature to increase pay equity at all employers, public and private, in Connecticut.

What does this mean for job searches at UConn?

Hiring officials, search committees, and others involved in the search and hiring process should avoid asking about applicants’ compensation history. This includes both wages and questions about the value of supplemental or indirect compensation, such as “start-up” packages. “Start-up” packages, which are often institutional commitments rather than direct compensation, are part of an employee’s compensation for the purposes of this statute. While the law prevents employers from inquiring into the value of such previous compensation components, the law does not prevent employers from asking about the structure of earlier compensation packages. In other words, it is permissible to ask if an applicant had a “start-up” package at their previous position, but it is impermissible to ask how much (i.e., the value) the employee received from the “start-up” package. In addition, it is impermissible for UConn to inquire with an applicant’s former or current employers about salary history. However, for internal job candidates, hiring managers may request salary history from Human Resources, as this is publicly available data.

The University will be updating applicable trainings and websites to adhere to the impending change in state statute.

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Christopher Delello

Associate Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer

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