Nominate a Student to Apply to be an RA 2019-2020

Do you know a student [many students?] who have the skills and experiences to become a Resident Assistant [RA] for 2019-2020??

Please nominate students to apply. We will reach out to them and invite them to submit an application, but the nominator will not be named. Nominations Form

Visit or refer students to our RA Website for information related to:

  • Position responsibilities
  • Screening criteria
  • Interviews
  • List of Mandatory Info Sessions
  • All candidates must attend ONLY 1 of the approximately 15 mandatory info sessions.
  • The sessions about being an RA in Honors or a LC are optional, and do not count as a mandatory info session.

Applications are available now and are due by 12.01.18 by 11:59pm. In order to have their applications accepted, students must have attended 1 of the mandatory info sessions.

If you or any student would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.