Final Exams for Students with Disbilities


The following information is provided for faculty and staff who are working with students with disabilities approved for testing accommodations by the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD).

  • Students with disabilities are not required to take exams at the CSD.
  • Whenever possible, students should take their exams with the class or within the department with the approved accommodations.
  • In order to assure appropriate accommodations are provided, students must submit requests to take a final exam at the CSD through MyAccess, the online system, at least one week (7 days) in advance of the exam date. MyAccess can be accessed from the CSD’s website or directly at
  • The CSD anticipates reaching capacity during final exams week and may not be able to assist with all requests.
  • In addition to proctoring exams at the CSD, exams will also be proctored in the Hawley Armory gym.  Check in for all exams will be held in the CSD office, room 204 of Wilbur Cross.
  • The CSD will be open during the evenings of final exams week in order to accommodate 6:00 pm exams, except for Thursday which is a reading day. The CSD will also be open on Saturday and Sunday for exams scheduled on that day.
  • Students approved for extended time who have exams that are in back-to-back time blocks on the same day, are encouraged to discuss this situation with their faculty and CSD Disability Service Professional to make appropriate scheduling arrangements.
  • To ensure the academic integrity of exams, the CSD will be using in-person proctors as well as live feeds from video surveillance cameras to proctor exams.  No video will be recorded or stored.
  • Please contact Jaclyn Moriarty, Accommodations Coordinator, at or (860)486-2020 to discuss any questions or concerns.


If the exam is on… Students must submit an online exam request by…
Monday, 12/10/18 Monday, 12/3/18
Tuesday, 12/11/18 Tuesday, 12/4/18
Wednesday, 12/12/18 Wednesday, 12/5/18
Thursday, 12/13/18 –

Reading Day

Thursday, 12/6/18
Friday, 12/14/18 Friday, 12/7/18
Saturday, 12/15/18 Saturday, 12/8/18
Sunday, 12/16/18 Sunday, 12/9/18


For more information, contact: Jaclyn Moriarty at