Sharing of Credentials

Every employee at the University of Connecticut is obligated to protect access to university systems and data by safeguarding their login credentials. Employees should never share their credentials to allow others access to University systems

Your login credentials, such as your NetID and NetID password, are unique to you. They protect sensitive and confidential information that you have access to by verifying your identity and authorizing your access. When you give others your credentials, they are using your unique identifier to access data and perform actions as you. This violates State and University policies, and institutional audit controls; compromises the integrity of online approvals; increases the risk of data misusage; and exposes personally identifiable information (PII) to unauthorized users. When others use your credentials, any misuse is also linked to you.

How to protect your credentials  

  • Passwords are confidential, protected information. To keep your password safe, do not write it down, save it with corresponding account information or usernames, store it in an unencrypted file, share it, or let others see you type it.
  • Do not allow a coworker, colleague or any other individual to access a system on your behalf using your credentials, including your supervisor or subordinates.  This is contrary to policy even if you do not share your credentials.  Contact ITS if you need an individual, such as a student employee or affiliate, to have access to a system and they do not have an account.
  • Always log off when you are no longer transacting in the system.

Below are applicable University polices regarding credentials. Please note that sharing credentials may lead to disciplinary action.

If you suspect a security compromise or breach related to system access, you should immediately report this to the ITS Help Center and change your password.

Please do not hesitate to contact the ITS Help Center with comments, questions, or concerns.

For more information, contact: Payroll at 486-2423