Tax Reform: Employees Should Review Withholdings

As the new year fast approaches, employees are encouraged to review their federal and state withholdings applicable to 2019.

As Payroll has communicated over the past several months, the IRS Withholding Calculator is available to assist individuals in determining their federal tax liability, as well as completion of Form W-4. Individuals may also wish to consider consulting with their personal tax advisors and/or utilize other reputable online tools to assist in determining their federal income tax liability for 2019.

UConn employees (Storrs & Regionals) may make changes to their federal and state withholdings directly in Core-CT utilizing self-service at, or by submitting updated W-4 and/or CT-W4 forms to Payroll. Federal and state withholding forms for these employees are located at Federal (W-4) and state (CT-W4) withholding forms for UConn Health employees may be mailed to MC-5110 or emailed to

Charles Eaton, Controller for UConn

Chad Bianchi, Controller for UConn Health

For more information, contact: Payroll Department at 860-486-2423