Tax Reform: Parking Deductions No Longer Pre-Tax

As a result of the latest tax reform act, payroll deductions for University parking permits currently made on a pre-tax basis will now be made on an after-tax basis, effective for the pay period ending December 20, 2018 (first reflected in paychecks dated January 4, 2019). No action is required for University employees who currently purchase University parking permits through payroll deductions. Payroll deductions will automatically continue for these employees, but deductions will now occur on an after-tax basis.

If you have any questions and are paid by UConn (Storrs & Regionals), please contact the Payroll Department at 860-486-2423.

If you have any questions and are paid by UConn Health, please contact the Employee Resource Center at 860-679-2426.

Charles Eaton, Controller for UConn

Chad Bianchi, Controller for UConn Health

For more information, contact: Payroll Department at 860-486-2423