EAP Frontline Employee – December 2018 Newsletter

Featured in this month’s edition:

Avoid Overspending on Holiday Gifts – “To prevent overspending during the holidays, first decide how much you want to spend…”

Research… Social Media Causes Depression – “There has been quite a bit of research on the adverse impacts of social media on well-being…”

Healing Relationships with Honest Conversations – “When family and couple communication problems are left unaddressed, they get worse…”

Other topics in this edition:

  • Avoid Drugged and Drunk Driving
  • Hard-Won Secrets of Outstanding Workers
  • Dependability in the Workplace
  • New Physical Activity Guidelines
  • Free the Clutter That Binds You

For the full December 2018 edition of “Frontline Employee”, or to learn more about UConn EAP visit our webpage: http://hr.uconn.edu/employee-assistance-program/

Your EAP provides professional, brief counseling – on campus, plus 27 locations statewide – to help identify and resolve personal, family or work related concerns. Employee Assistance is:

  • Confidential!
  • Free!
  • Household Members too!


  • The UConn EAP webpage now includes a full section of brief information videos to assist you in helping your valuable people to succeed in the midst of the human factor at work.
  • EAP is also available by invitation to meet with departments, programs or other groups to discuss and process challenges, critical incidents or other areas of common concern.

To schedule a private appointment, or speak with an EAP consultant, call:

(860) 486-1307 Storrs

(800) 852-4392 Statewide – 24 hours (Toll-free in CT)

For more information, contact: Gary Alger at gary.alger@uconn.edu