Central Stores Changes Process, Philosophy, Name

As employees and staff know, the University is focused upon identifying effective solutions during these fiscally challenging times.

The Central Stores operation at UConn recently underwent changes in process, philosophy, and name, which are designed to create more efficiencies and cost savings.

The operation will no longer serve as a “store” model, in the sense of carrying and distributing a large amount of inventory. The newer, more-cost effective model will take the form of a Just-in-Time (JIT) supply chain strategy.

In that philosophy, the name of the operation will change to Central Warehouse.

In lieu of ordering from Central Warehouse, University offices and departments at all campuses will continue to use the HuskyBuy platform to order directly from suppliers. Central Warehouse will continue to receive orders/freight, and deliver them to customers on the Storrs campus, when not directly shipped to University offices and departments.

Customers at the regional campuses will continue to receive HuskyBuy (and all other) orders directly from the suppliers, as has been the past practice.  Procurement Services can assist regional campus customers on any training needs or vendor profile questions to ensure direct deliveries occur to their campuses. Thank you for supporting this decision as we seek a more efficient University.

Matthew A. Larson

Associate Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer

University Business Services

For more information, contact: Purchasing Department at 860-486-2289


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