Division of Student Affairs Media Policy

Below is the Division’s Division Media Policy.  Please contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs if you have any questions.


Division of Student Affairs Media Communication Process

  1. Objective: The purpose of this process is to ensure consistent, accurate and appropriate communication between the Division of Student Affairs and the media.
  2. Jurisdiction: This applies to all Student Affairs employees and/or individuals acting on behalf of the Division of Student Affairs, including students, interns and/or other individuals. However, it is important to note that the vast majority of requests from the Media will be responded to by a very limited number of Division employees who will receive specific, periodic media training.
  3. Definitions:
    1. Communication” is defined as all written or verbal communication.
    2. Media” includes all media outlets, including but not limited to the Daily Campus, other campus publications and journalism students acting within the scope of their program.
  4. Recommended Process:
    1. Requests from all Media (including journalism students fulfilling an assignment):
      1. Student Affairs employees shall politely inform them that all communications must first go through the Communication Office. Please provide the reporter with the phone number for University Communications, which is (860) 486-3530.
      2. The employee will also contact the Vice President for Student Affairs Office (860 486-2265) to inform them of the contact made.
      3. Once the reporter contacts Communications, that office will communicate with the reporter to determine the specific information being sought or the topic about which the reporter is interested.  An attempt will be made to determine the nature of the questions that are likely to be asked.
      4. The Communications Office will contact a Division of Student Affairs employee who can provide the requested information or respond to the reporter’s questions and will discuss with that person how best to present the information or answer the questions likely to be asked.
      5. The Communications Office will help to coordinate the contact between the reporter and the Division of Student Affairs employee.
      6. If the interaction with the reporter, in the judgment of the employee, raises any concerns or questions, the employee should brief the Communications Office and the Vice President’s for Student Affairs Office as soon as is possible.
      7. Should media follow up with an employee at a later time on the same topic, or make an inquiry about another topic, please follow the above outlined process and refer the request back to University Communications.
    2. This process applies to questions or comments directed at Student Affairs employees regarding University business. It is not intended to restrict employees from expressing opinions or providing information to media representatives regarding their personal opinions and/or areas of expertise. When speaking about their opinions and/or areas of expertise, Student Affairs employees should always state that views given are personal opinions and not necessarily those of their colleagues or the Division of Student Affairs.
  5. Method of Compliance: The Vice President for Student Affairs or designee shall review this process every three years and coordinate with Student Affairs departments to ensure Division-wide compliance with this process. This document should be viewed as the existing process if or until a review is undertaken to update it as necessary.
  6. Review Date: October, 2018