Congratulations Dr. Ellyssa Eror


Ellyssa Eror, Student Health Services, poses with Jonathan the Husky after receiving the unsung hero award at the UConn Spirit Awards ceremony held at Centennial Alumni House on March 28, 2019. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)


Please join me in congratulating Dr. Ellyssa Eror for being awarded this year’s Unsung Hero Spirit Award.  UConn established the UConn Spirit Awards to honor staff and faculty for stellar contributions and dedication to civility in the workplace.  The Unsung Hero award recognizes staff that consistently goes above and beyond, without fanfare or public recognition, and demonstrates reliability, perseverance and focus on results.

I also want to acknowledge Sarah Aggarwala for being a finalist for the Rising Star award and Mary Boston for being a finalist for the University Citizen Award.

President Susan Herbst was so impressed that Student Health and Wellness had finalists in 3 of the 4 award categories that she commented publicly on this accomplishment.

Congratulations again!