Congratulations to Maureen Armstrong!!

Maureen Armstrong has received the PRLACC Award for Professional Staff of the Year.  This award is given by the Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center (PRLACC) to a professional who makes contributions to empower and support our Latinx students at UConn.

Maureen was chosen for this award because she has always been there for PRLACC.  She has helped the students academically, financially, has provided mentoring for them, and has taken them under her wing.  Maureen has been described as always going the extra mile, above and beyond duty.  “She has saved many of our students when they have had very difficult situations,” explained Fany Hannon, the Director of PRLACC.  “I went back to check how many emails this colleague has responded to, solving many cases from our students. In total there were 4,517 messages … showing her caring, love, and dedication to our Latinx students at UConn. Our students have gone to study abroad because of her creative thinking and caring.  When the answer to some of their situations was a “no,” Maureen looked for an alternate solution.”

Maureen created and fosters an environment grounded on student development and cultural competency at the Dean of Students Office.  She is a valuable resource, not only for the students but for her colleagues as well.

Congratulations Maureen!

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