Planned Power Outage on May 29

Dear University Community:

Facilities Operations has spent the last few years diligently working on the electrical infrastructure and emergency backup power systems.  Now, in conjunction with Public Safety, we are planning to test all of our emergency power systems on campus.

On Wednesday May 29, 2019 at 4 a.m., we will be shutting down the Power Plant and disconnecting from the Eversource grid.  This test will last at least two hours.

During the outage we will be checking the electrical loads on the emergency generators, the status of the numerous uninterrupted power supplies and the specific loads on the centralized emergency power building by building.  At the end of the shutdown, the final test will be the “black start” of the Power Plant.

The electrical power shutdown scheduled above may affect your telephone, computer, network, experiment and/or elevator services.

  • Telephones: Digital phone sets will not function during the power outage, and some personal programmed features held in the phone’s memory may be lost.
  • Computer: It is recommended that you power down your desktop computers to avoid configuration issues when the power is restored. If your computer is managed by ITS, no action is required. While your computer is powered down, remote access will be unavailable.
  • Network: For those of you who have Local Area Networks, your departmental LAN administrators should be informed of the electrical shutdown so that they can perform any preparatory actions.
  • Elevators: Please refrain from using the elevators until normal power is restored.

Please contact the ITS Help Center at 6-4357 or send an email to if you encounter any telephone, computer, or network issues after the power is restored.

If you are still encountering electrical issues or if your building generator continues running once power is restored, please contact the Operations Center at 486-3113.



Michael Jednak

Associate Vice President of Facilities Operations


Jeffrey Shoulson

Vice Provost of Academic Operations

For more information, contact: Operations Center at 860-486-3113.


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