Update: New Employee Orientation

In early May, Human Resources announced to the UConn community that New Employee Orientation would shift from a half-day program to a day-and-a-half program. It was anticipated that we would hold a half-day program on Friday covering benefits, retirement, and administrative matters, such as One Card and Parking. New employees would engage in a full-day experience the following Monday with presentations from units across the University.

Following a dry-run of the reimagined New Employee Orientation program, Human Resources has decided to change the scheduling of the proposed program. The initial Friday session on benefits and administrative matters will expand to a full-day to allow new employees to receive necessary information on important benefit topics and have adequate time to complete paperwork and ask questions. Conversely, Human Resources will shorten the second-day of orientation into a half-day program on Mondays.

In addition to these changes, the updated New Employee Orientation program, which was scheduled to launch in June, will now launch in late August. Delaying the start of the re-formatted New Employee Orientation program will allow Human Resources to fine-tune the revised program format while still delivering a new program to a large number of new employees who begin at the start of the academic year.

For more information, contact: Human Resources at hr-communications@uconn.edu