New Name: Student Health and Wellness

You may have noticed a change when visiting Arjona, Hilda May Williams, and Wilson Hall this summer. As of May 15, the units that were formerly known as Counseling & Mental Health (CMHS,) Student Health Services (SHS), and Wellness & Prevention (WPS) have been unified under a single name: Student Health and Wellness (SHaW.)

Three years ago, when WPS joined SHS and CMHS under the umbrella of Student Health Services, the department envisioned a strategic plan that cultivates healthy lifestyles, eventually leading to lifelong wellness for every UConn student. Under this plan, the department offers a continuum of health promotion, mental health, medical care and pharmacy services – from education to treatment – tailored to the unique needs of today’s college students.

This new model for college health that incorporates well-being into all aspects of campus life called for re-naming and re-branding. Student Health and Wellness reflects the integration of our services and the concept that academic success is tied to health and well-being. The idea that you must be well to do well led to adoption of our tagline “Be well. Feel well. Do well.” It underscores our department’s role in the shared community responsibility of empowering students to reach their full potential academically, personally, and professionally.

Moving forward, we invite our partners to support us by updating their websites to point to our new web address,, to update materials that reference our department, and to help the campus community become familiar with our new name and philosophy.

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