Our Sincerest Thanks from the One Card Office

We want to thank all the volunteers that assisted us distribute over 12,000 cards at the Field House! We could not have done this without you. Although, there were some lulls, there were also some very busy times, such as Monday, the 26th, when we distributed over 3,000 cards! Again, thank you all – you made this re-card successful!


Nancy Abohatab

Bry Anderson

Claudia Arias-Cirinna

John Armstrong

Brooke Barry

John Barry

Noa Ben-Hur

Jane Benoit-Bean

Deanna Boulay

Megan Buda

Leah Calitri

Juan Canela

Janice Canniff

Olivia Caplan

David Clokey

Kim Colon

Adam Cooper

Amy Crim

Caitlyn Curtis

Dan Doerr

Tommy Dowd

Cathy Downs

Zach Files


Alisa Geller

Patricia Gilligan

Brian Goepfrich

Christina Gray

April Isley

Veronica Jacobs

John Kuhl

Alexandra Kytan

Colby Laracuente

Lauren Lewis

Diana Marinoccio

Karen Martinez

Ahmer Masood

Kim McKeown

Eileen McNamara

Stacey Murdock

Bea Nerbonne

One Card Office Students and Staff

Jen O’Neill

Emily Pietrantozzi

Gabriella Pires Santoro


Kim Proulx

Brandon Qiao

Stacey Radkovitch

Rindaanne Riccio

Angelo Rodriguez

Monica Rudzik

Pam Schipani

Marci Schneider

Krista Schulz

Audrey Silva

Tim Smagacz

Maribella Sousa

Padma Srimatkandada

Courtney Stewart

Vince Walker

Christine Wenzel

Ginger White

Paula Wilmot

Paul Zaffetti



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