Concur Travel and Expense Training

Concur Travel and Expense Training Opportunities

Whether you have been using Concur since October or you are going live this spring, training is available for all Employees, Grad Assistants, Grad Interns, and Post-Docs. Please visit the Travel and Expense Project Page or the Professional Development Training Page directly to register for a session(s) most applicable to you.  Training options are outlined in the table below.

Concur Travel and Expense Reference Material

As always, training documentation, pre-recorded training, and e-learning modules are always available by visiting the Travel and Expense Project Page directly.

Class Title Description Training Length
Concur Delegate Training (WebEx) This session is recommended for employees, who will be delegated to assist with the preparation of travel requests and/or expense reports, on behalf of another UConn End User (traveler). This training encapsulates the entirety of all concur training sessions, excluding Approver related tasks. You do not need to attend the other trainings in addition to this, unless you are also approving requests and/or expense reports. 3 Hours
Concur Travel and Request Training for End Users (WebEx) This session is recommended for employees traveling on behalf of UConn. 1.5 Hours
Concur Expense Report End User Training (WebEx) This session is recommended for employees seeking reimbursement for UConn travel and/or non-travel related business expenses. 1.5 Hours
Concur Approver Training (WebEx) This session is recommended for employees approving travel requests and/or travel and non-travel expense reports at UConn. Approvers in Concur are defined as those whom have direct reports in CORE CT and/or those listed as a Fiscal Officer in KFS. 1 Hour


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