UCPEA Performance Evaluations

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the University is implementing the following procedure to allow UCPEA Annual Performance Evaluations to be completed electronically, and with no face-to-face meeting required. Our intention is to complete the Performance Evaluation (PE) process entirely electronically in almost all cases.

The University is maintaining the timeline for UCPEA Performance Evaluations. Supervisors must complete all employee evaluations between April 15 and April 30.

The UCPEA Performance Evaluation form is found on the Human Resources website.

Please follow the following steps:

NOTE: Any overall “In Needs of Improvement” or “Unsatisfactory” PE must be discussed with a staff member of the Office of Faculty and Staff Labor Relations (Labor Relations) before it is issued. Please contact Labor Relations at: laborrelations@uconn.edu.

Step 1. The supervisor completes the PE and emails the employee with a date and time to review the PE. The supervisor may send the completed PE with the meeting notice or may wait until the meeting.

Step 2. The supervisor and the employee virtually meet (via conference call or web meeting) and review the PE.

Step 3. After the meeting,

The employee shall:

  1. a) Type their name in the “Certification of Staff Member” section, into both employee name boxes (printed and signature);
  2. b) Fill in the date near their typed names;

c)Email the PE back to their supervisor, including in the email body the following statement: “I am returning my signed and dated performance evaluation and I certify that I have reviewed this evaluation with my supervisor.

  1. d) If the employee desires to append written comments they may do so at this time.

The supervisor shall:

  1. a) Retain the email containing the statement noted above from each employee, along with the attached PE, in their supervisory records.

Step 4. The supervisor types their name in both name boxes (evaluator’s name and signature) and dates the PE. They then forward the email and attached PE they have “signed” to the first supervisor outside of the bargaining unit (if necessary).*

Step 5. The supervisor outside of the bargaining unit types their name in both name boxes in the “First Supervisor Outside UCPEA” section (Supervisor’s name and signature) and dates the PE. They then forward the email and attached fully “signed” PE back to the initial supervisor.*

Step 6. The initial supervisor then emails the fully “signed” PE document to their designated department processor, with a copy to the employee. The processor will collect the PEs from and prepare them for forwarding to Labor Relations, once all expected PEs are received.

Step 7. The department processor will supply all PEs collected to Labor Relations for data entry using filelocker.uconn.edu. More information will be forthcoming from the Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) team regarding the specific process and use of Filelocker to supply the PEs to Labor Relations.

*  The emails should be one continuous thread per individual employee for continuity whenever possible.

NOTE: At a later date, when the University is able to resume normal operations, department processors will be contacted to aide Labor Relations in obtaining PEs with signatures, for placement in the official personnel files housed in HR.

Failure to complete the evaluation with the employee may result in a delay in processing the employee’s FY21 salary adjustments.

Additional information regarding the process for completing PEs is available in the UCPEA Supervisor PE Training presentation.

For more information, contact: Labor Relations at laborrelations@uconn.edu