Dairy Bar Too Featured Sundae & Milkshake


Missing milkshakes and sundaes from the Dairy Bar? Dairy Bar Too in the Student Union has milkshakes and sundaes on their everyday menu as well as some featured treats through November 6th!! Open 12-6pm, Mon-Fri.

Stop by and try these before they disappear:

The Graveyard Smash: Oreo & Black Raspberry milkshake with strawberry syrup topped with frightening gummy candies buried under piles of Oreo crumbs! $7.00

Hot Sludge Sundae: Oreo ice cream, hot fudge sludge, chunks of Oreo pieces, toxic sprinkles, and writhing with gummy worms! Served in a color-changing Dairy Bar souvenir bowl. $9.00