4/30 Undergraduate Finals Rescheduling Spring 2021

Undergraduate Students may request to reschedule final exams that take place during final exam week if they are “bunched” or if a student has an “extenuating circumstance.” If approval is granted, it is expected that students will inform instructors of their conflict(s) prior to the final.

The final exam schedules for each campus is posted on the Office of the Registrar’s website at: http://registrar.uconn.edu/exams/.


Students who have “bunched finals” should complete the Finals Rescheduling Request Form on the DOS website at www.dos.uconn.edu.  The deadline for the Spring 2021 semester to submit a bunched finals rescheduling request is Friday, April 30th, 2021.


Students with extenuating circumstances that conflict with their scheduled final exams should complete the Finals Rescheduling Request Form  prior to the final exam period.  Students who demonstrate unavoidable circumstances may be approved to reschedule one or more of their final exams.  Supporting documentation is required and requests will not be reviewed  without that information.


Please visit the Dean of Students Office more information.  Questions can also be directed to the Dean of Students Office via email: dos@uconn.edu or by calling: 860-486-3426.  For additional information on finals rescheduling, visit https://dos.uconn.edu/finals-rescheduling/.

For more information, contact: Dean of Students Office at dos@uconn.edu