PageUp Reports


The Office of Human Resources is pleased to announce the availability of new PageUp reports. These reports include regular and special payroll search and offer statuses, applicant lists, and EEO diversity. Please review HR’s Report Overview EEO Report Videos under the Tutorials Section on the PageUp Project website.

Search-specific reports are within the reports tab in PageUp and will be available to users based on their system access. The new reports include:

  • Applicant EEO report: Provides applicant statistics per search, regarding gender, race, and Hispanic/Latino designations.
  • Department Pre-Interview Evaluation Matrix: Provides a list of all current applicants for a search with the qualifications listed across the top of each column. This report can be shared with search committee members to record their applicant evaluations as a “blank matrix,” or sent to the Office of General Counsel for visa request documentation.
  • Department Post-Interview Evaluation Matrix:Once post-interview evaluations are entered, this report provides the applicants’ post-interview evaluation statuses and disposition. This report can be used to check the data entry before submitting a hire request and can be sent to the Office of General Counsel for visa request documentation.

In addition to the reports above, HR will email several reports to designated contacts in each School/College/Division.  The new reports include:

  • Recruitment Source/EEO Comparison Report: Provides applicant statistics regarding where they heard about the opening compared to the applicants’ gender, Hispanic/Latino, and race category. At this time, the report is raw data to allow units to perform their own pivot tables/data analysis in Excel.      
  • Faculty or Staff EEO Report for Open Searches Report:Provides applicant statistics regarding gender, race, and Hispanic/Latino designations for all currently open faculty or staff searches within a School/College/Division.

The Available PageUp Reports Matrix and Report Definitions includes a list of reports and pertinent details, such as definitions of fields.

For more information, contact: Human Resources at