Spreading the Word with a QR Code

Timely access to student supports are essential, particularly in times of crisis.  In response to a recommendation from an advocacy by UConn students, newly issued One Cards now include a QR code.

Students expressed an interest in ensuring that key resources such as the Advice Nurse, Crisis Support, Public Safety and national hotlines be easy to find and easy to access.  In response to this recommendation, Student Health and Wellness (SHaW) and the One Card office created a QR code that directs students to the redesigned Need Help Right Away? | Student Health and Wellness (uconn.edu) webpage.

The QR code will be prominently featured on the back of all UConn One Cards that are issued going forward as a way to ensure the information is available and always remains current.  For those with an older One Card, a phone wallet with the easily accessible QR code can be picked up at the One Card office, located in the Student Union in Room 228, or at one of SHaW’s three locations: Hilda May, Arjona, and/or Wilson.