Dependent Child Tuition Waiver – Apply by 11/15/21


UConn and UConn Health offer certain employees an undergraduate tuition waiver benefit for their dependent children who attend UConn. The deadline for eligible employees to apply for the spring 2022 semester is November 15, 2021. More information on the Dependent Child Tuition Waiver benefit can be found on the following Human Resources websites:  UConn or UConn Health.

Applications for the Dependent Child Tuition Waiver are accepted online only.

To access the online waiver application, please go to the Application Form and follow the directions. Completed Dependent Child Tuition Waiver applications route to the appropriate offices automatically.


Note:  Waiver requests for newly admitted students and transfer students cannot be completed until November 12, 2021.

Key Points:

The Dependent Child Tuition Waiver covers only the tuition component of an eligible dependent’s course fee. It will not cover any room and board charges, or any other assessed fees.

A separate waiver request must be submitted for each child, each semester.

The eligible employee must be employed a minimum of 50% to be eligible for a dependent child tuition waiver. Less than 100% employment requires a waiver to be prorated to the current percentage of employment (from 50% – 100%).

The student who will be benefiting from the waiver must be the dependent child of an eligible employee and less than 24 years of age in the calendar year in which the child will receive the waiver.

The benefit applies to Fall and Spring semesters only – it does not apply to Winter or Summer sessions.

The student must be a matriculated undergraduate student at UConn.

Most study abroad programs have no tuition component, or a tuition component that is considerably less than the UConn tuition fee. The waiver will equal the actual amount of the tuition charge for the student’s program.  Please check with Education Abroad for the specifics of your dependent’s particular Study Abroad Program.

For more information, contact: Human Resources at