UCPEA – Holiday Time


To UCPEA members:

The following information is being provided to all UCPEA bargaining unit members to clarify the process of earning compensatory time on a working holiday when there is an early release or late opening.

Article 8 of the UCPEA contract states: Any employee who is required to work on a legal holiday shall be granted a compensatory day for that holiday to be taken by the end of the succeeding calendar year at a time mutually agreed to by the parties.

When UCPEA employees are required to work on a holiday, they will earn holiday compensatory time (HWCE) equivalent to the time they actually work, up to 7 hours.

For example, if the University opened 2 hours late on Washington’s Birthday, those UCPEA bargaining unit members who report to work consistent with the late opening and work the remainder of the work day would record the day as:  7 HOL, 5 HWCE.  If an employee chose to report to work at their regular starting time despite the late opening, they would accrue the holiday as: 7 HOL, 7 HWCE.  A job aid has been created to assist employees with the entry of holiday time on timesheets in Core-CT:

UCPEA Holiday Time

The Office of Faculty and Staff Labor Relations

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