04/20/2022 Message from the Dean of Students

The message below was sent by Eleanor JB Daugherty, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students, to students on all campuses on April 20, 2022

Subject: TLDR -> LTSLH

Hi Huskies,

I was meeting with a student the other day who shared the following term with me: “TLDR”

Once I found out what it meant, I took it personally.  😊

While I hope, “Too Long Didn’t Read” doesn’t apply to my beautifully crafted messages, I do see the point. With so many things coming at us every day, we need to pick and choose what matters. I get it. I just checked and I have 1,105 messages in my inbox (don’t worry, they are mostly spam).

But the more I look up from my email or my Twitter feed, the more I realize there is LOTS to say and a need to listen HARDER. That’s where email and social media fail us. There’s little listening and responding to the thoughts and feelings of others. Just declarations, character counts, and likes.

I learn so much more by listening to all of you and having that inform thoughtful action in my role. We are a complex and caring community. I hope that we all take time to dig deep, listen first with our hearts, and seek to be better.

With that in mind, I hope we all might agree that there is LTSLH (lots to say, listen harder). Posting policies, university policies, and the Student Code of Conduct are helpful resources we should all be aware of, but they rarely resolve the underlying, unspoken feelings that express themselves through hurtful words and actions.

I really want the end of the academic year to be a celebration of all that you have accomplished. I’m also worried, as I shared last week, about the jump in COVID positivity that we are seeing. This week is not much worse, but not much better. We will continue to mask in academic settings (yes, all classrooms, not just large ones) and all workspaces. We will also mask during large indoor events (over 100). There is a significant amount of flu in the wastewater as well. The most important thing with these added measures is you: wear your mask. If you feel sick, stay home and ask for help.

The final meeting for my Dean’s Advisory this semester is coming up tomorrow afternoon.  This meeting is an opportunity to learn more from students about how we can be helpful to you in your work leading and supporting peers. Many of you have shared that you feel a need to support the mental health of your friends, groups, and organizations. As students, you are probably also facing your own challenges while being asked to help others. I’d like to hear how we can help.

I’m looking forward to the days ahead and continuing to care for our health and well-being as an incredible semester comes to a close. Ask for help if you need it; we’re all here for you.

All good things,


Eleanor JB Daugherty, EdD


Associate Vice President and Dean of Students


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