Fall 2022 Early Arrivals

    Updates for Fall 2022

    –          It is anticipated that we will be able to offer an Early Arrival Process this summer for both groups and individual students.

    –          All Early Arrival Students must be compliant with Student Health and Wellness policies regarding vaccinations and boosters.  Students not in compliance by August 1st will be denied.

    –          Early Arrival check-in location will be in the Charter Oak Community Center this year.


    –          April 25 – July 15 coordinators can request access to the database

    –          July 29 Deadline to enter or remove students from Early Arrival Database.  Database closes.

    –          August 1 – August 3 Early Arrival requests will be processed.

    • Coordinators will receive an e-mail with status of all requests.
    • Requested students will receive a confirmation e-mail with check-in instructions.

    –          August 4 – August 17 Students who were not requested as group Early Arrivals will have access to apply as an individual Early Arrival

    –          August 22 – Group Early Arrival Day

    –          August 23 – Individual Early Arrival Day

    –          August 26 – First year and approved siblings can move in.

    –          August 27 – Continuing, Campus Change, and transfer students can begin to move-in.


    Early Arrival Program Coordinators

    • The program coordinator is a professional staff member (non-student staff) responsible for inputting information about the early arrival students into a database managed by Residential Life.  The Early Arrival database will be available within 2-3 business days of submitting program coordinator/group information to Rachel Hartley. Students in the Early Arrival database will receive detailed instructions about check-in via e-mail from Residential Life.
    • Info Needed to Request Access to Early Arrival Database
      • Any program that needs students to return early so they can participate in a University sponsored event or program must forward the following information to Rachel Hartley at hartley@uconn.eduby July 15, 2022
        • First/Last Name of program coordinator
        • Program coordinator contact information and NetID
        • Name of early arrival group (please use the same name as last year if this is a continuing group)

    Fall 2022 Early Arrival Fees

    –          Fall 2022 Early Arrival Fees will be made available to group coordinators at a later date.

    Questions & Information

    For more information, contact: ResLife at livingoncampus@uconn.edu