Month: June 2022

Update: HEP Compliance

A one-month extension has been granted to allow employees who are still in a HEP non-compliant status for 2021 to complete their requirements. Employees will now have until August 31, 2022 to become compliant and avoid financial penalty. Impacted employees will be sent a letter over the next week to ensure they are aware that […]

Message from the Vice President for Student Affairs

Please see the announcement below from Michael Gilbert, Vice President for Student Affairs: We are pleased to announce that Christine Wenzel has agreed to serve as the Interim Executive Director of the Center for Students with Disabilities. Christine has been working in the Center for Students with Disabilities at UConn since 2003. Christine received her […]

27 Pay Periods and Benefit Deductions

For medical benefit deductions only,┬áthe current fiscal year (FY22) has 27 payroll deductions, rather than the standard 26. The Office of the State Comptroller calculates paycheck deductions for medical benefits on a 26-paycheck schedule. As such, employees will not see medical deductions from paycheck 7/1/22 (pay period end date 6/16/22). For Budget, Payroll and Accounting […]