Message from the Vice President for Student Affairs

Please see the announcement below from Michael Gilbert, Vice President for Student Affairs:
We are pleased to announce that Christine Wenzel has agreed to serve as the Interim Executive Director of the Center for Students with Disabilities.
Christine has been working in the Center for Students with Disabilities at UConn since 2003. Christine received her Bachelor’s Degree from UConn in Audiology and her Master’s Degree, also from UConn, in Higher Education: Student Affairs. Christine has a particular interest in working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in a higher education environment and coordinates and oversees the Beyond Access program at UConn—a fee for service program designed to help students work smarter, not harder. Christine also serves as the Center’s liaison for career and post-graduation initiatives and works alongside her colleagues in the Center for Career Development to provide resources, services, internships and career opportunities for students with disabilities.
Christine has co-authored the following publications: “Teaching Social Skills and Academic Strategies to College Students With Asperger’s Syndrome,” Council for Exceptional Children. May/June 2010 Vol. 42 No.5, “A First Year Experience,” Association on Higher Education and Disability ALERT Newsletter. July 2010, “Collaboration Strategies to Facilitate Successful Transition of Students with Disabilities in a Changing Higher Education Environment,” New Directions in Higher Education. Number 154. Summer 2011, “Beyond Academic Intelligence: Increasing College Success for Students on the Autism Spectrum ,” in Yale’s Handbook on Autism, 4th Edition. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. In press, “Evidence based and Promising Practices in Post-Secondary Education,” in Temple University Press’ Handbook for Educators and Parents, Temple University Press, 2021. She has presented at several professional conferences across the country and was featured on Good Morning America in 2008.
Please join me in welcoming Christine to this role effectively immediately and supporting her in this interim position.

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