The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs is responsible for coordinating assessment efforts within the Division of Student Affairs.

The Division recognizes as assessment any effort to gather, analyze and interpret evidence which:

  • describes divisional, departmental or program effectiveness
  • supports decision making
  • facilitates improvement efforts

The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs supports assessment through the development and coordination of processes, resource allocation, and professional development opportunities. Assessment is supported primarily through 2 formal processes:

Annual Assessment Process

The Division of Student Affairs has established an annual expectation that departments engage in, and document, assessment efforts. The process is designed to recognize departmental needs and capacities for assessment, encourage and enhance a culture of assessment, and to document assessment efforts and activities that close the assessment loop and support improvement.

Annual assessment efforts begin with department or unit needs. Each department in the Division submits an annual assessment plan. These plans articulate the unit’s assessment projects for the year. At the close of the year departments report on their results and findings, and document improvement activities.

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Program Review

Departments in the Division engage in a formal program review process with a scheduled cycle. The program review process provides a periodic holistic understanding of the department and is informed by annual assessment and professional standards.

Unit review is a collaborative process designed to provide an in-depth, comprehensive study of a unit/department. It is a data-based review of the unit mission with the goal to provide information for unit growth and continuous quality improvement. Unit review includes unit self-study, external review, reporting, and action plan components.

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Assessment Committee

Description and Charge

The Division Assessment Committee is an initiative in support of the Division Strategic Plan. Specifically, it supports the objective “Promote a culture of assessment”. The charge of the committee is to support a culture of assessment in the division by:

  • Recognizing and celebrating assessment work done by Division staff
  • Helping to provide opportunities for training and skill development related to assessment
  • Providing as needed consultation and thought leadership to units and the Division on assessment-related  questions

The committee meets monthly and membership on the committee is for one year; although there may be opportunities to serve multiple terms. Membership on the committee is based on interest.

Current Membership

  • Alisa Geller
  • Angelica Matos
  • Claudia Arias-Cirinna
  • Daniel Doerr
  • Eric Bouchard
  • Jamie Larkin
  • Joe Briody
  • Kaii Johnson
  • Kimberly McKeown
  • Kymberley Hendricks
  • Lori Masters
  • Paula Wilmot
  • Silvia Chan