Human Resources

Update: HEP Compliance

A one-month extension has been granted to allow employees who are still in a HEP non-compliant status for 2021 to complete their requirements. Employees will now have until August 31, 2022 to become compliant and avoid financial penalty. Impacted employees will be sent a letter over the next week to ensure they are aware that […]

27 Pay Periods and Benefit Deductions

For medical benefit deductions only, the current fiscal year (FY22) has 27 payroll deductions, rather than the standard 26. The Office of the State Comptroller calculates paycheck deductions for medical benefits on a 26-paycheck schedule. As such, employees will not see medical deductions from paycheck 7/1/22 (pay period end date 6/16/22). For Budget, Payroll and Accounting […]

Reciprocal Tuition for URI and UMaine at Orono

Reciprocal Tuition Requests for dependent children of faculty members, managerial/confidential employees, and UCPEA employees are due in Human Resources for the Fall 2022 semester by Wednesday, June 1, 2022.  The Reciprocal Tuition Request form is available on the Human Resources website.  Please note: this form only applies to children attending URI or UMaine at Orono. Employees with children attending UConn will apply for the […]

Dependent Tuition Waiver – June 1 Deadline

UConn offers certain employees an undergraduate tuition waiver benefit for their dependent children who attend UConn. The deadline for eligible employees to apply for the fall 2022 semester is June 1, 2022. More information on the Dependent Child Tuition Waiver benefit can be found on the Human Resources website: Applications for the Dependent Child Tuition […]

GA Health Insurance Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for eligible Graduate Assistants, Graduate Interns, and Graduate Fellows, who are currently enrolled in the Connecticut Partnership Plan, will take place in August 2022. All changes submitted during Open Enrollment will still take effect September 1st.  This is a change from previous years when Open Enrollment occurred mid-April to mid-May. HR will announce […]

Page Up/Search Contacts

  Do you ever wonder who to contact with a PageUp search and hire question?  Last Fall, HR updated the right-side of the PageUp Dashboard, “Guidelines / Tips.”  While the top of the column includes links to overview resources and help documentation, the bottom of the column includes “Who to Contact” information. To ensure timely […]

2022 UConn Spirit Awards Ceremony

  The UConn virtual Spirit Award Ceremony will be held on Wednesday, March 9th starting at 12:00 p.m. to celebrate the finalists and winners of the 2022 Spirit Awards.  See the details and finalists on the Event Flyer   Join us at the Spirit Awards Event at this Link For more information, contact: Suzanne Rogoz, Human […]

Special Payroll Tutorials

  We write to announce the availability of seven Special Payroll tutorials. These tutorials provide step-by-step guidance on Special Payroll processes and applicable policies for all populations on Special Payroll, and we believe they will be helpful to employees both new to and familiar with Special Payroll. Employees can access the tutorials through Saba ( […]

Personal and Professional Development Opportunities

Human Resources has announced the availability of personal and professional development opportunities offered through Deer Oaks EAP, the University’s Employee Assistance Program. The 2022 series are: 2022 Stress Management Webinar Series.pdf These quarterly webinar series provide employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to cope more effectively with stress so they can live healthier and […]

Supervisor Excellence Webinar Series

  Human Resources is happy to announce the availability of an exciting personal and professional development opportunity offered through Deer Oaks EAP, the University’s Employee Assistance Program. The Supervisor Excellence Webinar Series offers four quarterly seminars throughout 2022. Seminars focus on the 7 habits of highly effective supervisors, effectively managing employee performance, strengthening your team, […]