University Committees

  • Student Activity and Service Fee Advisory Committee
    The Student Activity and Service Fee Advisory Committee was established during fall of 2002 and is charged with reviewing fees on an annual basis. Website >>

Active Divisional Committees

  • Strategic Planning Committee
    The Strategic Planning Committee was charged with developing a process and plan for aligning the Division of Student Affairs with the larger priorities of the Institution. The committee developed the current Division of Student Affairs Strategic Plan and continues to provide guidance and oversight for the plans implementation and revision.
  • Marketing Committee
    The Division Marketing Committee was formed in the Summer, 2006 to encourage collaboration between departments in regards to publicity and marketing. The Committee’s intention is to foster positive relationships among marketing professionals within the Division, and determine effective ways to promote both Division and department events and services to the University Community.
  • Student Affairs Information Technology Oversight Committee
    The Student Affairs IT Oversight Committee (SAITOC) serves in a supporting role to the SAIT department and the management staff of the Division. The overall goal for this Committee (made up from one representative of each department in Student Affairs) is to determine if and how proposed IT projects meet the needs of the Department and Division’s Strategic Planning Goals to enhance functional operations in the pursuit of providing the best service to our students.