Senior Transition & Engagement Programs

Senior Transition & Engagement Programs (STEP) promotes a successful transition for college students to the world beyond the University. This program, balanced with academic and programmatic initiatives, provides an opportunity for reflection to determine the meaning and value of the undergraduate experience and the student’s growing role as a productive and valued citizen and university alumnus.

Student development requires opportunities for self-assessment and introspection. Students who form meaningful relationships with faculty/staff report the greatest satisfaction with their college experience.

Senior Transition & Engagement Programs will:

  • Generate a feeling of pride and spirit in the UConn Community.
  • Encourage students to utilize the many resources available on campus to prepare them for their post-university life.
  • Provide opportunities for the student to revisit components to living a positive and healthy lifestyle.
  • Assist the student in preparing for the roles of the college graduate as a university alumnus and citizen leader.
  • Address the balance of values, ethics, career, civic engagement, and global citizenship.

Program Components

  • Web-based resource for college seniors (
  • Senior Transitions Seminar courses
  • Career Preparation * Countdown to Commencement Events
  • Career Service Workshop Series
  • Senior Week Activities
  • Career Fairs
  • School/College Graduate Receptions

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