Student Pulse Initiative

What is Student Pulse?

Student Pulse is an initiative to gather broad data related to how UConn undergraduate students are experiencing services and programs offered through the Division of Student Affairs, and engaging in behaviors and experiences related to student success and well-being.

How does Student Pulse work?

Undergraduate students will receive emails with links to surveys. Surveys are short, usually containing 5-6 questions and requiring less than 2 minutes to complete. Most surveys will consist of questions with multiple choice options from which students can select their answers. Student answers will be aggregated and analyzed to provide the data needed to guide program and service improvement and enhancement.

How often will students receive Student Pulse surveys?

Student Pulse surveys will be emailed out once a month while semesters are in session. However, not all students will receive surveys every month. On average an undergraduate student will receive 3-4 Student Pulse surveys over the course of an academic year.

Are Student Pulse surveys anonymous?

No, Student Pulse surveys are not anonymous. However, they are confidential. Responses of individual students will not be analyzed or shared with anyone. Student responses will be looked at only in the aggregate. For example, the percentage of students answering in a particular way to a given question.

Why are Student Pulse surveys confidential and not anonymous?

There are 2 reasons that Student Pulse surveys are not anonymous.

First, in an effort to minimize the frequency with which students receive emails, the undergraduate student body is broken up into stratified samples. The process of stratifying the samples and managing the flow of email communication requires accessing individual student email addresses.

Second, the Division of Student Affairs is committed to providing inclusive programs and services. The ability to analyze responses in light of demographic considerations is crucially important as it allows us to understand questions like who is, and who is not, participating in programs and accessing services, whether there are important differences in how students are experiencing our programs and services, or whether behaviors related to success and well-being are impacting students differently.

How do I get more information or ask questions about Student Pulse?

If you have questions about the Student Pulse initiative please contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs at